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Easy kitchen make-over with peel & stick backsplash tiles

One year ago I moved into my studio apartment in San Francisco, California. I fell in love with this place because of the natural light that comes in all day long, the hardwood floors and traditional San Francisco windows.

After living here for a few months, I felt like it needed some color to brighten up the place and make it feel more cozy.

I’m renting the studio so I don’t have many options to renovate or upgrade my place but that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade at all. You just need to look for alternatives. I found these beautiful peel & stick Backsplash tiles from In Home on Amazon for $16.19 

Applying the tiles was really easy because the tiles are self-adhesive. Just make sure the tiles are aligned when you place them next to each other.

It took me a full Sunday afternoon to finish the project. Here’s what my kitchen looked like before:


Neat, but boring.

And this is how it looked like after I applied the backsplash tiles in the color Sea glass green (my new favorite color!!). I love how it turned out. See the photos below:

Total costs: $70.28 (I ordered 4 packages) and a Sunday afternoon.

What do you think of my “fake” kitchen tiles lol? Let me know in the comments.

This is part 1 of my 3-part kitchen make-over serie. In my next blog I’ll show you how I make a kitchen towel rack that I desperately need to hang all my kitchen towels that are lingering around in my kitchen right now. Spoiler alert: I’m using part of the Knagglig pine box from IKEA! Whaaaaat?! Yep. Stay tuned!